THURSDAY ~ January 28

The FUN-Raiser (to stop the end of the world)
By Pedro Dominguez
Directed by Pedro Dominguez & Taylor Stark
Music composed by Matthew Capurro
Producer: Kryptic Films

The apocalypse. It’s here. Fear spreads throughout the city. Everything is slowly rising to chaos.  No one was prepared. EXCEPT FOR ONE PERSON: Recently elected Mayor Katherine Blake. Katherine and her team at KCFBD-TV Channel 39 news network come together to host the FUN-Raiser, a live telethon fundraiser to raise money to stop the end of the world. They just need to raise $250,000 to stop the apocalypse! Follow the misadventures of Katherine and her crew as they try to rally their community to come together in this new devised comedy, produced by Kryptic Films and co-directed by Pedro Adan Dominguez and Taylor Stark. Edited by Kamryn Fall.

(15 minutes) 

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