SUNDAY ~ February 7

Spirit in the Dark
By Tyrone Hendrix
Directed by Tyrone Hendrix & Douglas Jenkins
Producer: PDX Soul Collective & Portland Cello Project*

Tyrone Hendrix has been a part of almost every Portland Cello Project performance over the last few years, both locally and nationally. And increasingly, he has been helping guide the artistic direction of the group, from coordinating collaborations with the PDX Soul Collective to curating the group’s Prince tribute, which will continue to be showcased nationally as soon as the doors to concert halls are open again. 

While reflecting on the closed concert halls Tyrone came up with an idea to use the pandemic as inspiration to create new, collaborative works based on the theme of Aretha Franklin’s “Spirit in the Dark.” from the PDX Soul Collective and Portland Cello Project. Powerhouses vocalists Ronnie Wright, Saeeda Wright and Sarah Clark all agreed to write new works with the goal of a future orchestral collaboration based around the theme of Spirit in the Dark. This showcase will explore the collaborative artistic process in bringing all of these talents together for the first time to share, learn, and expand upon these new works inspired by the strange landscape that is the year 2020 in the arts. The message Tyrone is aiming to convey with this collaboration is that, with all of the circumstances we are dealing with, always know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

*GROW AWARD recipient

(TBA minutes)

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