SATURDAY ~ January 30

By dee bustos
Producer: echeri productions

no one can hear me scream underwater dives into the absurd imagination of dee bustos. After spending 31 years of their life in the closet, no one can hear me scream underwater serves as both a testimony and a prayer for anyone who yearns to liberate themselves from whatever oppressions and expectations that have been placed on their bodies.

Pushing back on the social decrees of binary gender, heteronormativity and white supremacy– dee’s experience as a queer, non-binary, and xicanx person is inevitably woven into this work, as it is who they are. 

Whether you share these identities or not, the heartfelt intention of this film is to both question and re-sensitize us to what it is to be essentially human in times where we are so brutally separated.  In the end, we are bodies yearning for sensation, touch, pleasure, who feel unfathomable pain and joy unparalleled. 

no one can hear me scream underwater is an offering to all of those who have sacrificed themselves before and within this lifetime. It is a manifesto for those who chose to walk a different path, a visceral wish for our future and a total dream come true.
(Appropriate for 18+)

(TBA minutes)

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