THURSDAY ~ February 4

By Philip Cuomo & the CoHo Clown Cohort
Directed by Philip Cuomo
Producer: CoHo Clown Cohort

‘Come one, come all! Bring your problems, bring your complaints and join our 16th President on his latest whistle stop tour. Abe is visiting every city, every holler and every town in this, the greatest nation in the world… well, he will visit if there is a railroad stop! Come down to the station near you and let Abe fix every one of your problems for you!’

Abraham Lincoln (Self Help Guru) is presented by the CoHo Clown CoHort, featured previously in Fertile Ground productions Philip’s Glass Menagerie, Witch Hunt and Beethoven and Chopin (Monster Hunters) Meet the Bride of Frankenstein (A Romance).

Written and directed by Philp Cuomo with enormous help from the CoHort, this production stars Emily Newton as Abe Lincoln in a clown exploration of entitlement, expectation and an overall lack of personal responsibility. 

(TBA minutes)  

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