SATURDAY ~ January 30

Written by people experiencing homelessness at Willamette Center Shelter
Directed by Ann Singer in collaboration with Outside the Frame
Producer: Rogue Pack

Let the residents of The Willamette Center homeless shelter take you on a tour of Portland that few have the misfortune of experiencing. Visit the neighborhoods they have lived in and worked, dreamed in and hurt, as only they can show you. Witness firsthand the life of those experiencing homelessness on the streets of Portland.

A Walk through the City Reveals its True Intentions is a series of stories written by tenants of Transition Projects, a local program offering safety off the street and connection for adults in Portland.

Access a part of downtown where the overdosed and dead are stepped over. Experience the adventure that is living with no running water, electricity, or roof. Explore their lives through the safety of a lens; from the ugliness of their exclusion from society to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest they take refuge in.

Rogue Pack, in tandem with filmmakers from Portland’s beloved non-profit Outside the Frame, present to you an unfettered expression of these beautiful souls: their challenges, hopes, and desire to understand their place in their community.

(50 minutes)

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