Fertile Ground was recently awarded Regional Arts & Culture Council Arts Equity & Access funding (Cycle 2). These funds are intended to formalize and expand the organization’s initiatives to address equity and access barriers to participation in the festival that exist for underrepresented artists. The grant will allow Fertile Ground to distribute funds to a number of artists/producers through the new GROW Award program. Five artist/producers will receive a $500 GROW Award to be used in the production of their Fertile Ground project. The newly convened community panel will also adjudicate applications for the GROW Award made possible by the RACC Arts Equity & Access grant.

Demonstrating Fertile Ground’s commitment to broaden the festival’s inclusion of all Portland-area artists, a panel has been instituted that is comprised of individuals whose identities encompass a spectrum underrepresented voices, along with Fertile Ground and PATA representatives. This newly convened decision-making body will adjudicate applications for the GROW AWARD with attention to the inclusion of underrepresented communities,* artistically interesting and culturally relevant “acts of creation,” and projects with an innovative concept for a recorded piece intended for a digital media platform.

Fertile Ground is seeking submissions from a wide range of artists on a variety of topics and welcomes an array of artistic genres and disciplines. GROW AWARD recipients will be curated into FG21 upon award. They will need to register immediately.

GROW Awards application considerations:
  • New work, or significant re-imagining
  • Project is local artist driven & local actors/creative team on the project
  • Artist/producer identifies as a person from an underrepresented group
  • Interesting / culturally relevant content of proposed “act of creation”
  • Specific attention is paid to an innovative concept for a recorded piece that uses the digital media platform in creative ways
  • Expression of how a $500 award would enable their participation

DEADLINE: Submit your application no later than August 24 at 5pm to fertileground (at) portlandtheatre.com

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